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Welcome To Eaglepointe Woodworking!
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Sparrow on Eaglepointe Feeder

This Sparrow was on this feeder within 5 minutes of adding seed to the feeder!

Blue Bird Houses

Specially designed to keep out alien intruders like the House Sparrow and Starlings, these bluebird houses are just delightful. Each bluebird house is individually hand painted in charming bright colors accompanied with sunflowers, bright butterflies painted on each side. 

Bluebird House

1st up our original Bluebird House each bluebird house is individually hand painted in charming bright colors accompanied with sunflowers, bright butterflies painted on each side.

Wren Houses

Birdie's B & B Bird House    The Wren Den Bird House     

Our wren houses give new meaning to the words “out of the ordinary”!  They are not only pleasing to the wrens that live inside but they are also and eye catcher for those passing nearby as well.
 Offering two styles to choose from, first we have our Birdie’s B & B a cute stylish wren house with decorative railing and our personal favorite The Wren Den equipped with a mini moonshine still and country style fence railing.   

Decorative Bird Houses and Bird Feeders

Eaglepointe Woodworking is dedicated to providing you with top quality hand crafted wood products that will last for generations.

Having been a relief wood carver for over 30 years owner Kurt Steven, working with his wife Marcelene decided to expand their passion by combining their woodworking skills and creative artwork with practical everyday things.
First on the list were bird houses.  We have put together some of our newest creations to release to the public.
We are sure you will be delighted with our collection of our “anything but ordinary” bird houses and feeders.

Log Cabin Bird Houses

Log Cabin Bird House     Log Cabin Condo Double Bird House    Cedar Log Cabin Bird House

Give your back yard a relaxing country look with these beautiful Log Cabin Bird Houses.  These rustic looking log cabin birdhouses are available in two sizes, the original Log Cabin Birdhouse and the Classic Log Cabin Condo Double Birdhouse. Each house is equipped with a ranch style two rail fence providing easy landing from any direction.  

Log Cabin Bird Feeders

     Large Log Cabin Bird Feeder     Cedar Log Cabin Bird Feeder

Now you can add bit of the back woods country to your own back yard with our country style log cabin bird feeders that will last for years.
Available in two styles built in pine and also available in Cedar, our Large Log Cabin Bird Feeder is our classic design of a log cabin house with a country style two rail fence surrounding the feeder.   

Hand Painted Home Decor

 Welcome to the Nut House Wall Hanging    Welcome to my Pad sign    The Beer Drinkers Bucket List 

We are excited to offer you our collection of hand painted home décor, including wall hangings, kitchen décor and hand painted wood signs. Each item is individually hand painted making no two alike. 
If you are looking hand painted home décor that’s eye catching, cute, corny, or something special, be it for indoors or outdoors you are sure to find something to your liking.

Custom Work

 If there is something in particular you have in mind or would like something personalized for an extra special gift, simply send us a contact form and we will be happy to give you a quote.    

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